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The Dolan Law Firm and its San Francisco employment law lawyers have secured millions of dollars for people in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley who have been discriminated against and/or harassed in the workplace. Our firm has successfully sued Fortune 500 companies as well as state, city and county governments, obtaining more than $70 million in verdicts and settlements for clients.

Have You Been Discriminated or Harassed at Work?

If you have been the victim of workplace harassment or discrimination, have been wrongfully terminated, or have been denied housing for unlawful reasons, contact the Dolan Law Firm online or call  415-421-2800 to schedule a free initial consultation at our offices in San Francisco, Oakland or Sacramento. We can help you bring an employment lawsuit to get justice.

Workplace Discrimination

While employers are free to hire and fire, to assign work and to discipline employees, the law does not allow them to discriminate against people because of certain qualities, called ” protected classifications.” These include race, age, sex, national origin, religious affiliation, marital status, disability, pregnancy, sexual orientation, transgenderism and (in San Francisco) height and/or weight (California Government Code Section 12940).

Discrimination is often shown by conduct and statements such as the denial of a job, wrongful termination of employment, or a change in the terms or conditions of employment (wages, hours, bonuses and job assignments). Only employers/companies can be sued for discrimination, even if a supervisor or manager was the one who discriminated against someone.

Types of Discrimination Claims

At the Dolan Law Firm, our San Francisco employment lawyers use the tools of mediation, arbitration and litigation to achieve positive results for people in cases involving discrimination:

  • Age
  • Sex or gender (including
  • Sexual orientation
  • Race/national origin
  • Religious affiliation
  • Marital status
  • Disability
  • Height and/or weight (in San Francisco)
  • Pregnancy status
  • Military status

For more information on discrimination, see our discrimination FAQ and our discrimination FAQ. In addition to workplace discrimination, we accept cases involving housing discrimination.

Other cases handled by the Dolan Law Firm include:

  • Harassment: Sexual harassment is the most common form of harassment, but people also face harassment because of their race, pregnancy status, political activities such as union organizing, even for their work status as a contractor. We represent victims of harassment.
  • Violation of leave laws: We provide legal advice and representation to employees who are having problems getting the leave they are legally allowed such as family and medical leave and time off to vote.

Contact Our Employment Law Attorneys

Contact the San Francisco employment attorneys of the Dolan Law Office online or call  415-421-2800 for a free case evaluation and assistance in filing your claim. If you have suffered retaliation or lost your job because you sought to protect your rights, we are on your side. We have three offices for your convenience: San Francisco, Sacramento and Oakland.

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